Tutorial – How to use the Ganacherator


It occurred to me today that many users of the Ganacherator haven’t seen the tutorial in the notes of the Facebook page. So here it is!



As you can see, the Ganacherator has 2 main areas on the front page. The area under the “thought bubble” is where you enter the measurements for your cake. Remember, the measurements you need to enter are the finished dimensions of your cake. The finished measurements need to be in inches for the calculator to work. I find most cakies express their cake sizes in inches, even those otherwise using metric systems.

If you follow the steps below, the Ganacherator will give you the amount you need to cover (and fill if you want) your cake, plus a little bit left over with which to make an unholy a mess in your kitchen!

Step 1 – Fill in the 4 pink boxes with your measurements.

In the top pink box, put the approximate height of your finished cake. For those who are familiar with Planet Cake, their standard finished cake height is 4 inches and an extended tier is 6 inches.

In the second pink box, place the number of layers. This number can be a bit tricky to get your head around and I’ve had a number of questions about this. So for example, if your cake has 3 layers of cake, (not ganache – this is important) you put a 3 in this box. If you are only ganaching the outside of your cake and damming another filling, put a zero (0) in this box. The Ganacherator automatically works out the amount of ganache you need for the top and sides from your other measurements (clever, huh?).

In the third pink box place the length of your finished cake. So if you are making a round cake, this is the diameter or width of the circle. If you are making a square or rectangular cake, this is the side measurement.

The fourth pink box only needs to be filled if you are making a square or rectangular cake. For a square cake the measurement is the same as the third box, if it is a rectangle, the measurement is the second side. Remember, if you are doing a round cake – place a zero in the fourth box. Otherwise you’ll get a nasty shock at the vast amount of chocolate the Ganacherator insists you need 😉

Once all of the boxes are filled, the calculations will be completed and the amount of ganache and the cream/choc breakdowns will be completed in the output section.

The photo above shows the output for the ganacherator. The first two lines are the amount of ganache you need for a round or square cake of your dimensions. The amount of ganache you need is the measurement under the shape you intend to make. The amount of ganache is expressed in grams and also ounces.

The second part is the breakdown of how much cream and chocolate you will need for your ganache. Reading the column underneath the shape you are making, the Ganacherator tells you the amount of cream and chocolate in grams and also ounces/fl.oz.

The ratio the Ganacherator uses for dark and milk chocolate is 2:1.

The ratio used for white chocolate is 3:1.

If you prefer to use a 3:1 ratio for your milk chocolate, just use the white chocolate measurements (in the cream coloured bxes) for your ganache.

Sometimes the weather plays a role in the ratio used for ganache. So if you live somewhere that is hot and humid, I would suggest upping the white chocolate ratio to 4:1 and the milk choc to 3:1. It may take a bit of practice and trial and error to make a ganache to suit your climate and also the make-up of the chocolate you use.

If you have any questions about how to use The Ganacherator, please leave me a comment!