Tools of the trade


Hi Ganachers!

I get a lot of questions from decorators new to ganaching about the tools that I use to work with ganache.

Now, I haven’t done a lot of buttercream cakes in my time, especially not ones with razor sharp edges, and I applaud those decorators who do use it to achieve a perfect finish under fondant!

When I started decorating about 5 years ago, I went straight to ganache. I don’t think buttercream has ever been as big here in Australia as it is in the US. It is harder to come by non-butter fats like Crisco to make a buttercream that doesn’t dissolve in the heat and humidity and can be stored for short periods without refrigeration. Ganache, however, does not need to be refrigerated for the short time between decorating and eating. It’s very shelf stable, and the chocolate content can be increased to compensate for hotter and more humid weather.

I digress, what I really wanted to talk about here, is the tools I use for ganaching.

My number 1 tool for achieving super-dooper straight edges on my cakes, without using a double board (one on top and one on the bottom) technique, is a carpenter’s set square. like this one.

The set square allows you to keep the scraping edge perfectly vertical, effortlessly achieving a dead vertical edge to your cake.

Mine also has a nifty spirit level in the handle which is very useful for checking how level the top of the cake is.

InspiredByMichelle has made a video of how she uses her set square to achieve straight edges here it is well worth a watch if you are new to ganaching.

Happy ganaching!


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